Biochemistry is the study of biological phenomena at the molecular level. Its aim is to understand the fundamental chemical principles that govern complex biological systems. The major focuses include the basics in Biophysical Chemistry, Biomolecules, Enzymes and Bioenergetics, Intermediary Metabolism for Botany and Zoology graduates, while for biotechnology students the major thrust areas include Physical aspects of Biochemistry, Biomolecules, Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism

Objective of the course:

To introduce the students with the basics of enzymology, such as classification, types of inhibition, regulation, coenzymes and an introduction to bioenergetics.

Course outcome: Student will be able to

  •  Classify enzymes and describe the factors affecting an enzyme catalyzed reaction
  • Describe different types of enzyme inhibition.
  • Elaborate on the role of vitamins in human nutrition.
  • Elicit different pathways and mechanism of energy production in carbohydrate metabolism.

Objectives of the course: The course is intended to introduce the student to the basics of physiological aspects of biochemistry and to familiarize the students with the basics of human nutrition.

Course outcome: Student will be able to

  • Describe the composition of blood, production of blood cells and mechanisms of blood clotting.
  • Explain the correlation between food, energy requirements, and related disorders.
  • Write the contribution of minerals, trace elements and biochemical functions of vitamins
  • Detail various organ function tests and the detoxification mechanism in the body.
  • Illustrate basic concepts of food adulteration.

Objective of the course: To enable students to understand the basic concepts of acid, bases and colloidal systems and its importance in biological system and understanding the principle of different techniques used in the study of Biochemistry.

Course outcome: Student will be able to 

  • Gain knowledge about the preparation of different types of solutions and buffers
  • Identify different types of bonds in biomolecules.
  • Explain different biochemical separation techniques.

Physical aspects of Biochemistry or Biophysical Chemistry is a Complementary course for First Semester UG students of Biotechnology, Botany and Zoology

Objective of the course: To give basic awareness about the concepts and physical aspects in biochemistry and to develop analytical skills in students in order to prepare them to use instruments.

Course outcome: Student will be able to

 Discuss the significance of pH in biological system.

 Prepare solutions of different concentration and pH.

 Describe the principles, theory, protocol and calculations of biochemical techniques.

 List out the importance of bonding and spatial arrangements in biomolecules.